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The artistic characteristics and appreciation of a local oil painting artist


The development of Chinese oil painting today can be described as ups and downs, and the ups and downs of the road are self-evident. Development is the absolute principle, what is development? Its name is difficult to test, its source is difficult to trace. After all, development that is suitable for national conditions and cultural framework conditions is the truth. Therefore, Zongqi's oil paintings in the mainstream Western context can be described as unfathomable. Whether it is borrowing, reformism, or the combination of China and the West; Or realistic painting, expressive painting, imagery painting, abstract painting, the comprehensive category is "Chinese hand painted oil painting". The flag is flying, and various legions gallop all the way, forming the current overall situation of oil painting, which can be described as magnificent and breathtaking.

The creation of oil painting is not only the patent of artists who live alone in quiet rooms, but also of artists who travel long distances and climb rugged mountain roads, hardworking rangers, and artists who suffer from hunger and thirst. Cold. They are not only pilgrims of culture, but also creators and creators of human spirit, pioneers and pioneers of the world.

The evolution of Chinese oil painting style is intertwined with China's social change and cultural trends in the past century. With the progress of society, art is also undergoing sudden changes. This is given by the times and is not transferable by human will. The universal internet has given birth to the rebirth of art and will also give new vitality to the times. The fields involved in art are constantly changing, and the greater the influence of painting art, the purer it becomes.

The art of Korean Dong comes from the earth.

The message and nurture of the earth made him smell the direction. So, the scent emanating from weeds and plants is what excites him. The God of Things is the God of Man. Driven by God, he wandered with economic materialism and turned into a high degree of self-discipline. He keeps walking, following the call of the gods, with his heart in the scenery, the unity of heaven and man, the way of heaven rewards diligence, and time is like water.

Brother Guodong uses footprints to measure the scale of art, spring, summer, autumn, winter, and cold summer. Just for the dream in my heart. In recent years, he has often hidden in famous mountains and rivers, and his footprints are also everywhere in Xinjiang. In recent years, he has frequently visited Xinjiang. He needs to capture the most magnificent and greedy scenes. A series of skits such as' The Field 'have composed a new movement that blends realism and romanticism. It can be said that the distance of faith meets the pride of the original intention. It is both a clear singing and an old tune, both realistic and vivid, singing perfectly. Previously completed representative works such as' Apricot Blossoms Bloom ',' Drunken Blossom Song ', and' Flowers Bloom and Fall 'also adhere to the principles of nature and seek comfort and freshness in both body and mind. Gale weather!

In the painting, there are so many people moving with each other, unable to catch their eyes, shouting and embracing each other, feeling sorry for themselves, hoping for confusion, speculating on the beauty of copying, persisting in promises, and stagnating speculation. It is really not yet the main goal has been achieved, and the interests are monotonous, making Guodong different. Guodong's oil painting reproductions should be as good as possible. They all outline the ups and downs of yin and yang, progressing repeatedly. In recent works, the five flowers are fully displayed, highlighting their depth and depth, with most swaying vertically and horizontally, while others are respectful and reserved. Or overlapping and embellishing, or decorating leisurely, the mountains also undulate, and the trees are custom oil painting verdant and transparent. Guodong boldly unfolds its color palette, blooming and coloring as it pleases, with bright and harmonious colors that complement each other, achieving a seamless completion.

Guodong combines virtuality and reality, and operates with moderation. It does not imitate predecessors or attempt to destroy craftsmanship, piled up thinking, wielded freely, and possessed both rationality. Moved and endowed with gods, Don't be arrogant or impatient, just in time, recognize the situation clearly, make mistakes and lose momentum. Therefore, the Qi mechanism is complete, the breath corresponds, and the strokes are coherent. There is no suspicion of war at all. The mountains are rich and the water is moist, and everything is beautiful, beyond measure! Traveling with Guodong all the way, I am often moved and moved by it. Sometimes I marvel at Guodong as an expert, a perfect match, beautiful and eye-catching, ashamed of himself.

The road is far away, containing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The curse is exquisite and exquisite, not transparent to the solitary moon, but the words are solid, the paintings are also brilliant, and the brilliant image belongs to the ancient simplicity. The path of life lies in the mountains and valleys, and the darkness and brightness are beautiful. Looking at the clouds, water, and moon, how can one difficult to move the universe.

The Guodong oil painting is close to heaven and earth, with outstanding figures and outstanding figures, and the Five Classics are in suspense. Observing nature as a teacher, and the state as a heart sound



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