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Company Introduce

GOLD APPLE ART created in 1993, is a set wholesale and export of hand painted oil painting production-oriented enterprises, our oil painting factory located in Xiamen ,China.  We make the development, production, planning, sales and service as our whole body, we are a modern oil painting enterprise with our own unique style . All oil paintings product is produced by our company, the oil painting line may be satisfied by the different community's need. Now, “Gold Apple Art” brand already approved by many customer. We paint with imported oil paints on linen canvas.

“Respect for the Individual;Customer Service and Strive for Excellence.”They are our three basic maxims .“Golden Apple Art” is the outstanding quality and noble brand , “Gold Apple Art” was build,the oil painting of “Gold Apple Art” also confirmed the enterprise has the excellent quality, Our traditional areas requested by the production of various types of high-quality customer exquisite hand painted oil paintings, the hand painted oil paintings are pure products from hand-painted.We offer personalized service for each customer. Our oil paintings around the world, many customers import oil painting from us. Our customers have from the US, Britain, Germany, France and so on.

The management of enterprise

We use the modern management to build the new strength for enterprises. We strengthen the management of enterprise to create high economic benefits for enterprises,to realize the strategic goals of enterprises. We do all aspects of the management of enterprise norms and in an orderly manner, scientifically. We will achieve international and the domestic first-class standard in the management idea, the technology, the pattern, the method.
Our spirit: Strives constantly for self-improvement, surmounts bravely. Strives constantly for self-improvement is our pursue of spirit. surmounts bravely, it had reflected our all staffs pursue remarkable and the enterprising spirit, we will progress together with the time, forever maintains magnificent. It also manifested all staffs not to stop struggles to the new higher goal.
We cherish our community and the environment diligently, insists enterprise's sustainable development.

Oil painting Product and product quality

We are in pursuit of overall quality. The quality as the lifeline of our enterprise,the quality of oil painting product was placed on the first position in enterprise management.This requires that every company and every employee can be good at a collective understanding, prediction, or even exceed customer wishes. We have a complete set of strict management system products, and services will produce the entire process of continuous improvement and improved. Our history gives us in the market, in the production process, in the practice of management, products and services in general must be a breakthrough concept, it should be better.
We produce and wholesale all kinds of oil paintings reproductions, original oil paintings, wholesale portrait oil paintings and the other oil paintings types. Our products around the world, many foreign wholesalers and individual customers import oil paintings from us These oil paintings were made purely by hand by our outstanding painter.The types of oil painting include Portrait painting, Pet portrait,Figure ,landscape,flower ,animal, nude ,birds.The style of oil painting as realistical,abstract,ornament,modern,classical,impression and so on.

Our artists, Research and development troop, Staff team

We are committed to strengthening the world cultural exchanges and cooperation. Guided by the highest professional standards in order to attract the best working conditions and use of the most talented artists and encourage them to work hard in the post, and give full play to their potential and creativity. “Gold Apple Art” takes seriously to foster the talent very much,, our company introduces and trains each kind of high level talent. company takes the internal personnel training, raised one batch to have the ideal to have the aspiration, the dedication to work strongly, the loyal professional outstanding staff.
We have the technical exquisite artist and a warm research and development troop, although the oil painting market has many changes, the staff of “Gold Apple Art” has made each order for each customer successfully. Our product idea is: 1), take the customer demand as a center, take the market as the guidance, our artist painted the different category and style oil painting for our customers,our customers are very satisfied with our oil paintings; 2), the development of custom oil painting fastidious about the seasonal characteristic, the regional characteristic,the topical,and the tidal current; 3), the development of oil painting fastidious about the seriation and the style; 4), further develops the personalization oil painting to enhance the brand of “Gold Apple Art”, further develops buy oil painting with Chinese characteristics and style, we will strive to guarantee the leading position of “Gold Apple Art” in the oil painting market.
The unity is the basic guarantee of enterprise strategy goal, the unity require that each staff include each painter to have the team spirit, to safeguard the enterprise and collective honor, develops helps and the friendly spirit, to do a good job in their own work, establishes the good interpersonal relationship.

Credibility and services

Credibility is the foundation of our reputation, we will be honest and equal expectations and the attitude of every new and old customers work together, hand in hand, create great achievements. In the market economy,the credibility is an important part of enterprise intangible assets, which require all staff to observe law ,to service for people honestly, to works honestly in the all activities of market economy.
We have consistently to meet customer demand for the center, and fully respect the customer needs, provide customers with high quality hand painted oil painting and services that best fit customer needs. Our purpose and aim is to provide high quality oil painting and high value services. As a Professional hand painted oil painting supplier. We offer our customer the good quality oil painting,the same time,offer an outstanding after-sale service for them.

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