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top ten in the oil painting reproductions works are born after this period
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Meridians is the lotus leaf, stem, the outline of the lotus petals, the seer, the picture of a modeled after those adopted is stuffy big crazy Chinese painting techniques, but the line arrangement of the lotus leaf, especially as the medium of lotus leaf was also significant on the distance of also have splashed all the elements of color, with his 1975 "splashing colorful zhu lotus" screen very like painting, is somewhat immature, but with the same subject matter works created in his early such as agency for b hai (1935) as the "five colours lotus" and so on has the obvious differences. Else, in terms of pattern CheFu, generally thought that, before the ink spilt choi, chang works, with huge and color ink spilt the retrofit techniques of oil painting, the use made of giant, according to the statistics, zhang CheFu the giant of the top ten in the oil painting reproductions works are born after this period. In this respect, the picture of the creation in 1963, both before and after the two art spirit "jia decoupling figure" is on the subject are still in use with previous, but look from its artistic techniques and adopt CheFu, completely visible canvas for chang this art important work between the cement plant.
"The decoupling diagram" is an old Tibetan teacher of zhang zongxian, the leading Chinese collector in Hong Kong. Zhang is very concerned about it and regards it as a "treasure of the town". I heard that in the early 1990s, Chen yifei, a famous oil painter, made a portrait of a master painter, zhang daqian. And this is obviously not the same as the meaning of the picture: a lotus flower in the picture is a crime, a flower bud in the hall, which is still in bud, which is very rare.
Intended in 1960 has a painting art one of the most important year of life, it is chang by China square painting techniques, such as painting, JiYi poured into Oriental type splash-ink painting method of watershed, which is made, sold for $140000 and three years after the American reader's digest magazine "tong JingBing splash-ink renditions lotus" for prawns, and 1962 with canvas "qingcheng mountain cross JingBing" laying the groundwork  centripetal force, as for the Swiss fixed capital in 1965, the volume of the Yangtze river miles ", 1968 and reached its peak. To be sure, he still has Chinese radical painting and has been in the world, but the best way to sum up his artistic features is a little use of the method of splashing ink on oil painting. And, even more need, chang after this period in China's conservative buy oil painting work, also more affected by color ink spilt techniques and the image of a lot of nonsense, this from before and after the fight as long as the theme of works such as lotus, mountains technique changes can have only a limited view, this painting with vast amounts of li painting german-british "jia decoupling figure" is the masterpiece.
The important part of the decoupled picture is that it was the gift of zhang daqian's painting of li deying's fiftieth birthday, which witnessed his deep friendship with his friends. Li deying, the original li deying, was the wife of li zulai, the seventh brother of li qiujun. Chang and Li Qiujun turning back the oil painting, namely to Li Qiujun brothers also in lee's, as he was with the progenitor of blackrock's English book narrow shout Li Zu lai de-ying li "seven brother" "sister-in-law", another give de-ying li shou fifty "LangYuan tiger TiKuan diameter shout de-ying li as" seven her "; When zhang daqian went to the country, the exhibition in Hong Kong was attached to li's and his head, which can be seen in two sides.oil painting

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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