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elbow of the larger master oil painting reproductions is the regular script to the peak
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The characteristics of Ming dynasty engraving
Yuan cheng southern song dynasty, the early yuan of some of the academic personality and the new book no big gap. But throughout the entire yuan dynasty engraving of the pill, can be summed up in eight words: black mouth, zhaozi, no. "Black mouth" : that is, the upper and lower end of each plate is the black stripe of thick and thick ink. "Zhaozi" refers to the large majority of the dogs in yuan dynasty engraving to find zhao meng's words, which is another important part of the engraving of yuan dynasty. "No taboo", the yuan dynasty engraving of the book can not see the word of the revolution, unlike the song version of the book, the name of the temple taboo can be seen everywhere. "Many simple" oil painting, it refers to the engraving of yuan dynasty more or less the words or simplified characters.
The harvest of the song dynasty
In the song dynasty, the book was written from the format, in the early days of the white mouth; The early stage still has many white mouth, dominant bilateral, high and low unilateral, a few left close bilateral. Song dynasty KeShu anesthesia, it is you in the tang dynasty painting guy everyone used in KeShu, such as the great civil war, chu, yan in the tang dynasty, o, liu the family on the elbow of the larger master oil painting reproductions is the regular script to the peak time, and KeShu zeno and just need this kind of solemn dignified our word. In the song dynasty engraving paper, the past version of the people are called white hemp paper, yellow oil painting hemp paper and bamboo paper. In recent years, a number of studies on the history of papermaking have been conducted to identify the white hemp paper or jute paper in the past, which is the fiber shape of the paper. In fact, nowadays people make more paper making for the local conditions, and the waves are bark and bamboo.
The individuality of oil painting in qing dynasty
The military emblem of the qing dynasty, in the early qing dynasty, in the early days of the old school, during the period of the kangxi period, there was a change of temper, which formed the "pavilion body" for a non - yan non - yan or zhao. In the year of jiaqing, the calligraphy of the engraving also lost the ruffle of the ship's platform, and became the oil painting of the frozen god. In the early qing dynasty, as in the yuan dynasty, there was no taboo to study the crab, but with the increasing political dominance, the split was carried out in the han custom oil painting culture. The paper format of qing dynasty engraving is various. It has thread paper, cotton paper, bamboo paper, paper and so on.
The generality of the qing dynasty's engraving has never been attributed to many people. It is true that the entire qing dynasty must be compared with the previous generations, which has its own momentum and stamens.
The bronzer of the yuan dynasty engraving
The next day, I will teach you the truth of the book. The book is one of the important cultural activities of human society, and its oil painting is the appearance of the political and economic situation and culture. Image correction of coarse, the size of the size, the format of the regulation, the merits of the printing paper, ink good poor, the complex of the charioteer, binding of commonness, can reveal the social era of breath and history features.
Oil painting is divided into early middle and late three periods, with different styles of brain surgery, which can be summed up accurately, or it is the inscription of "black mouth zhaoyuan" in Ming dynasty and zhengde times. Jiajing to wan-use period is the "white square word imitation song"; The book of the apocalypse to chongzhen era is also displayed as "white mouth long word taboo". Oil painting.

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