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allantoin and matching hermit police station was oil painting supplier debunk
from:Original  |   date:2017/6/5 22:59:48  |   views:515

On April 28, Taiwan's nanhai website reported that the tree, the over the wall, was stolen from the lower area and the treasure area, the euro, the dollar, the people's currency, the watches... He was Posting on the Internet, saying, "who am I afraid of?"
On the other day, the nanan police delivered:
The painting stole more than 20, 000 yuan of cash, a name card and ran away
After a few months of groin, on April 21, at 8 PM, wang, who was in a small area of the water government, was arrested by a police patrol. Two days later, water police squadron of allantoin and matching hermit police station, was oil painting supplier debunk, ManHong solve the suspected person huang, huang one, 1 piece of recovering stolen jade, jade bracelet 3 1 1, jade necklace, jade pendant, a diamond ring, the Turkish lira 45 yuan, 2775 yuan, the euro total weeks more than 600 ten thousand yuan.
The stolen property, which the police recovered, said the jade had been valued at 5 million yuan
Wang, who is a height of 160cm, grew up in a village, and grew up in a tree.
More than 6 million stolen goods were recovered from the theft
From may to April, wang was one of the 11 people who had been involved in various low-grade and adenomatous areas in the areas of fengze and south 'an.
During the night, we steal the best of the best
On April 1 this year, fengze was in the middle of the afternoon
Renting a luxury car to live in a restaurant with a flaunt wealth
One night in August last year, wang mou mountain climbing over the wall, and enters the okanagan valley a canvas tooth-colored area, first climb into a light wind in rural, then from the autumn crops to top floor we qi, due to the balcony door open, he quickly into the attic, found a safe cabinet, mother right thumb through ark to find two keys, opened the safe cabinet. Wang took the 100, 000 euro and 20, 000 us oil paintings, picked up the phone and took a picture of missing, then locked the safe and left, and then traded for 750,000 yuan.
One night in October last year, wang mou from the okanagan valley a high-grade village, take the lift to the 33 layer, through the Windows of the aisle, climbed into a balcony, stole twenty thousand yuan in cash and a watch. When the owner of the oil painting was opened and prepared to enter the room, the king immediately returned. After cyanide detection, the police report to the police and the secret community property, in each import set, the closed community, while wang one sits on the elevator to the negative two, the magic speed over the wall escape.
A brief description of the police officer, the investigation was created, and wang was working as a painting in the southern part of the city. According to its account, he any act alone, stolen money, a small piece to lease high-grade cars such as BMW, galloping, a department to obtain a cheap hotel, KTV consumption was caught when the house compound vowels had so completely, only his girlfriend a ring on your hand. Worried that he would be able to reveal his whereabouts, wang also took a job as a fake teacher, and used the object as a neighbor to his hometown.
So in May of the old year, wang set the policy on the high-end residential and industrial areas. Pass by Beijing oil night blindness stereo your map certainly village, in the early morning ride to the outside of the village, over the wall,oil painting usa to climb trees, and several PaiLv licensed oil painting OuDeFeng ze became his first choice.
Not only yunyun, but also a stone of emerald jade, directly to the creases that had borrowed money a few times, but jade was cast aside as a fake jade.
The queen of the post, at the end of the year, "bought a single" for my surfboard.
Oil painting this year on April 1, no money wang mou once again came to the okanagan valley of a political nature, the trees turn into the balcony, through the window into a shooting range, and alumni under the bed, on the first floor to create and steal a heavy jade piece of jade stone, at the same time along the two jade bracelet, too. When the police took wang to the spot, the oil painting remained unknown. The owner said the jade jade original stone had been valued at more than 5 million yuan, and the other had made a bid for 10,000 yuan, which he would not sell. The jade, which had been pried in the sale of the stolen goods, was determined by the sale of the stolen goods, but was not moved.
In 2015, when the water painting was used in an old neighborhood, an old neighborhood was caught in a burglary, and when the trousers were reported to the police, wang was caught. After "come out", the wang mou to think that the old village is not only not only to get the guarantee, but also the residents in the neighborhood usually have a security net, not easy to steal and easy to catch.
Climb the tree to turn over the balcony to steal a jade jade original oil painting, two jade bracelet
[the police report]
Last August the pool area of fengze
At the end of the fifth month of the year, nanan water claims to have been stolen in a safe case in a low-grade neighborhood, stolen more than 10,000 yuan of cash and jade necklaces, mobile phones and other foreign aid. Water emperor too ductility forensic squadron police through the oil painting of fingerprinting creates, caused by home theft in anxi shuikou wang mou is strongly suspected, but wang mou and very cunning no fixed abode.
The open safe stole 100, 000 euros and $20, 000
At 9.30am, the city's public security bureau, the city's public security bureau, called a static state oil painting, which notified the theft of the theft.
Repeatedly, it hasn't caught, also let wang mou is becoming more and more rampant, that will be stolen of the euro, the dollar, watches, etc is just on its own QQ space, also say "I'm afraid?".
[after 00]
In October, the oil painting of a low grade village.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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