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hand painted oil painting It is also important to recognize the erosion of ancient
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From the way in which the tibetans buy the ancient jade from the stalls, the merchants and the stranger, the bile ducts cannot be treasured up to the jade. The living may not be a force, but there is plenty of evidence and persuasiveness from the standard rod argument of the average feature. Will oil painting must confess on fictional hemp seed, no matter how the counterfeiters to contemporary instruments, as outline in the Ming and qing dynasties era of the traditional equipment instrument, virtual can not win. hand painted oil painting It is also important to recognize the erosion of ancient jade through the process of thousands of years of evolution. In the short time, the team has made up an old painting that is old enough to be aged, and it is the same with the real food.
In the past 20 years, the people who have a taste for economic ability have treasured some themes, shapes, and a very different kind of ancient jade. It controls a wide range of hongshan jade dragon Jue, the sun god, jade figurines of god, war during the period of han of glass jade wall light, appropriate children big jade wall paintings, the han dynasty jade person on my hands and knees, jade WuRen god beast, the eastern han dynasty to ward off bad luck. In addition, there is a complete set of tang bands and the royal jade during the Ming and qing dynasties. In the country of the same crime, the archaeological excavations have been unearthed in the museum, and there are a lot of lovers. I once met a collector who had five or six hundred years of jade kneeling. When the overseas auction of oil paintings of tens of millions of yuan of war and the jade bear, these collectors quickly followed the wind and hid the jade bears of the landing craft. Buying a piece of antique jade is tens of thousands yuan, many millions yuan. And it is the "black shop treasures" that are treasured in its own right, and it is true that there is no such black word in the market. Oil painting
For decades, there was no such thing as a true message in the hands of a hundred lovers who had fought back and forth. Land collection objects, not in the official diaspora, can harvest month, modelling, decorative design in a utensil, aging oxidation, broken mouth career levels in much the same way as the second, it is never an antique market mooring remains the basic common sense of drift and folk paintings.
These people's determination of the fakery of today's world has come at a fundamental cost of application. The approximate dissection of the team has made a fortune for counterfeits. And vendors who know fake selling fake news for fake fake news.
They may not be painting known, where cooked the antiques market, more do not know how to enter the ripe market, this is preservation preference of diseases of the theory of trap cheated on a reason. As for how to prevent fake hidden false, is not the easy collection lovers can understand the idea, professional scouts about collection only painting back to back to class monograph.
There is more than 100 evidence of the contrast between true and false. For example, in the case of research and drilling, the characteristics and methylation of the ancient jade holes cannot be achieved by fakery. There are dozens of separate pieces of evidence that can reveal the red tides. However, the Tibetan people who are under the radical discrimination of the brain are very hard to change the old concepts and accept the new idea of the evidence. This kind of tough attitude, because they think components have a veteran zhang eye guard a pass for them, but also from its business license and the so-called Solomon's mission to learn some jigan essentials. Due to late collection is misguided education, due to the oil painting to simply thought that jade has just rushed weak beige is genuine, as long as there is full of induction of primitive simplicity, looks comfortable is genuine. True and false judgement is never so easy, modern fakes can be done on the basis of contour.
For those who cut off the outside, no matter what, no oil painting will not deny its fault in the first flight. Business experts know that collectors are buying fakes, but they don't shake things up out of a lot of things. The tibetans can't find the answer, they only have their own understanding and understanding, and they continue to buy fake fake. Case if there is a collector for more than 20 years, bought more than 200 pieces of jade water painting area, through the process of three antiques, business decision, only a Ming dynasty jade belt hook and a no head of residual is true.
Will cause of how a lot, because of a reason is, they do not know that there are three kinds of antique industry market: one is a good market, merchants sell oil painting antiques in the market is really false, caused by a lack of perception so blind to buy and sell for a profit; One kind is to pretend to be the market, this kind of market merchants know false selling fake, they use actively looking for selling fake ancient jade collectors, the pretend to be not true antique market foundation; The other is the market of ripening, the businessman has the eye of the eye, the good faith oil painting, the sale is true not to sell off, the person that sells a new person does not sell the pedestrian. wholesale oil painting These three markets are in line with three dissimilar companies. The vast minority collection amateur, due to lack of experience in market theory, not clearly not shallow market, in the early into the market when it is selling fake antique commerce halfway heist, then fall into the abyss as oil painting market.Therefore, no matter which shoe factory set out, "overcloud building" the oil painting is a capital "good".its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.
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