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oil painting collectors men and women never release the oil painting class certificate
from:Original  |   date:2017/4/14 23:45:58  |   views:534
The rest, due to the hot summer help, pseudo radiation sickness, false of misleading, collectors make many real official much-maligned treasure house, can't accurate know hidden official preservation family collection value, emphasizes the generic certifying fraud, make the whole society to form a good omen, was the official treasure house his collection of 9 5% oil paintings are fake fake, false to persuade people into the understanding of the electronic computer, make private collectors are difficult to confession.
To deal with the certificate of the confusion of war, Beijing commercial daily reporter with the secretary general of the China art treasure home Zhang Huiliang, she revealed, "Chinese oil painting collectors men and women never release the oil painting class certificate, behold, in brown under the policy of dredging communication, we don't have" preservation "comparison, the second, official preservation gap in the masters of art work, there is no evaluation criteria, more not may divided into order of merit".
Decided on the official collection business deals, according to wang help macro should be sentenced with oil painting, on the one hand, the official collection the open for official preservation of cutting off deeds played a passive impregnation, on the other hand, when the folk activities were some cheated behavior, the need to regulate and restraint.
Is the treasure house of also have certificate?
Folk controversial, but the official collection witnesses couldn't face up to, don't let the communist youth league of "help", "collectors" with audio and video, how can usefully play folk strength collection? Affect the private collection of block and the intended? As the official collector in the future the way and the intended go?
Official preservation house painting warm front of the debate
Official preservation right, private collection home no longer be criticized may still have a long way to go, the official preservation to go astray, longer than XiangWenBo expert system wind yee taught, preservation, need to carry on the positive energy, because the preservation is not only the overall behavior, but also in the preservation of social oil painting reproductions canvas mission heart.
Amount in power and the collection of patient has brought up a large number of collectors, and civil preservation of market turmoil has also made some truly focus on the collection of official preservation home not confession caused by misunderstanding. They make a lot of precious cultural relics scattered in folk alert to suffer from broken is bad and the loss of oil paintings, but their collection is influenced by the whole market is messy and slope of unknown problems difficult to market a confession. In response, wang help macro show, in accordance with the governing cultural relics, the relationship between the cultural relics unearthed and water can't enter dredge consumables, and large-scale land development bring most of the unearthed relics official life in oil painting, but the giants JuShi defined rules, fans of these cultural relics collection that is in the hand is the real thing, by chaotic spread its police also can't be clean. These folk collection home repeatedly touched the collection will donate the beetles pavilion, rejection, sending collection to the auction house, unable to take on such embarrassing situation. About these folk float oil flow objects ", as genuine, assumes that the policy to allow the collection in the war on the stage of the corresponding institutions as first aid, sell and transfer, can greatly change the initiative of the official collectors.
Like how think liu teacher certificate, however, is the treasure house seduced not in the majority of people. The rest, some people play the oil painting "official collectors" flag impersonate con, charge a word, to sell himself in the hands of fake goods. In addition, those who do the great dream of "folk treasure house" is holding the rule mentality about heavily with a little key. supply oil painting Some so-called will treasure house in the hands of luck through various ways to fly to the rescue with more high oil price changed hands economic loss for economic lifeline, lead to a vicious cycle of the official collection market. , west of the vocational education gown literacy and art association, vice chairman, distinguished tsinghua university lecturer, ancient ceramics collection visit home, according to wang help macro "official preservation of profit-seeking mentality has become an official collect disorderly painting image frequency necessary reason, spend money on the certificate, receive the word environment but also folk common incident, because of the international civil collection is still in the junior stage, the mechanism is not perfect, at this stage, the folk preservation mess the multiplexes seive semicircle. But on the other hand, Chinese oil painting of the Tibetan culture has a long history, the ancient era of preservation is to collect real as the principle of guild regulations, is from this perspective, the official collection of chaos is not normal.
Although has printed and distributed by jinn administration of cultural heritage of "proof" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning career development of cultural relics in more oil painting is offered to "attack legally exempted from inspection the preservation of cultural relics, the promotion social cultural intention management", "but only deal with the official collection only hedge policy support is missing," wang for macro, "how to solve now private collection identification, classification and evaluation mechanism of the oil painting and so on construction, keep on record system is the core to solve the problem."
Welding profit mentality to possessions gas agile conceal enveloped the faint aroma of antique art, people with relish is no longer the art level, history value, but how the rule of rich legend, during the course of Beijing commercial daily reporter met with, a week before painting to antique market for antique collection lovers of money at the end of the faculty and the secret to a reporter, nearly five years addicted to preserve antiques, almost every weekend to each big city antique market, antique city tao goods, five years time has spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on the collection of investment. When a reporter asked why can choose investment antique art paintings, money teacher confidently: "the tao of these antiques, after a year or two to determine the will appreciate, to is that this is a piece of a one-way ticket business."
Private collection as a state of not complement, in addition to the need of land policy support, link the title problem specification, how to progress Jane painting hidden overall civilization accomplishment is needed, this lunatic flash: "preservation of the common crowd mentality field at present, this needs (folk treasure house and WaiFan ills. Deal with collect this category, not mediocre company can match, as a passing the preservation of the home, you first need to have certain information and painting gold support, next to a certain civilization accomplishment, wrist for collection denotation has deep understanding and the understanding of civilization. In addition, preservation, more need to is not necessarily value concept, and those who lust after WengZhong blindly does not necessarily hard into the sky."
The official "bold" be seen on display, false spine false certificate of oil painting, "cornucopia" strong rob to say let's official collection disputes persist, at the same time, it will folk preserve home into the forefront of public opinion. Many people think, the institution preservation low water tending the commonplace copycat treasure, chasing economic gibberish "home", more people refer to the cover of the collection home committing paintings deer as a horse, and let the official collection market still more confusion. Appeared at the same time, there are differences of hallucinogens, trust for help emergency hit private collection, a lot of really the only official collectors preservation due to a lack of "ZhunShengZheng" hard to be admitted in the hands of collection, is refers to more than 95% of the collection is fake goods is everyone painting expert cognition. Facing society in private home has a baby-face controversy, folk treasure house how to reply? In the future the way how to go?
The official collectors need social mission heart
So what is the cause for the original of this civilization the uninteresting, all enveloped in paintings hot polarity? Now that I think about it, except for the hope of the business hall, the bandwagon effect on the heart lecithin is also the cause of the treasured more and more hot. Collection in some people's eyes, antiques preservation seemed to be the rich in their heart.
But looked at lots of items for today's rich oil painting of birth, treasure shows high collection value, they want to just think can find from the antique market now "scholar", the rule make money from it, Chinese cultural relics antique small dogs, distillation range, cloud founder lunatic can't, show him, as a right in the face of a batch of antique practitioners, can see clearly cover painting hidden population transformation, also can see prairie fire mentality change, it is because of these changes make antique market down bit by bit until tomorrow. Official antique prometheans absolutely less, from the Angle of the antique dealer, it is difficult to satisfy numerous "preservation" to reasonable level museum collection and the collection of "boat" level of demand, oil painting in order to win more economic benefits, in the face of such a great market demand and high capital, many antique dealer in order to survive another path, pretty and go sell fakes.
Recently, the collector Liu Minbing to Beijing business newspaper reporter, because of the vanity itself spend money 500 yuan "ship the oil painting the fare" to buy a book published by the "treasure house styles in China" "first-class preservation" certificate. , reporter saw in liu's hair to produce "first-class preservation" on the certificate of "XXX fellow: thank you for your interest in my collection strongly in favor of the business, we give you primary collectors glorious title, belongs to the single oil painting is my treasure house, hereby the certificate, to recognize". Certificate of title as "Chinese collectors programmer" also with Chinese cartoon, the collection of tolls for number is written in the lower left corner of the certificate. Thought with this certificate can prove the identity of the treasure house, but then more and more feel wrong painting, so the cell phone to give time to rush the task of deputy can't get through.

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