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Maxi merv is China´s first teacher of oil painting, our enlightenment
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Maxi merv is China's first teacher of oil painting, 、our enlightenment

As maxi merv painting's largest collector, CAI said: "old collection of works, as in the" pick up "their own memories, artists are two different art times, two of the same was born in a socialist country artist on the fate of the dialogue."
57 years to China, and filled the whole country's maxi he had the first publication of the album in China.
In 1955, the Soviet union in KeFu academy professor method of constant Dante · wheat qi, Ye Weiji maxi merv, had been sent to China, the Soviet government in charge of the central academy of fine "oil painting workshop". XiJing Russian art experts say, the reason why he was chosen by the Soviet ministry of culture for experts in China, there are two reasons: "first, he is an accomplished painter, painting works when Soviet union; second, he is an educator with teaching experience, the modern oil painting masters, geoff brothers, Sarah hoff, nicky, had been his students."
JinShangYi, ZhanJianJun, Hou Yimin, Qin Zheng, Wei Chuanyi, Feng Fasi, Wang Chengyi, ChenBeiXin, king T-shirt bead painters have graduated from the new China painting cradle ", dean of the class "nickname. And then the painter luo zhongli, He Duoling, zhang xiaogang, Chen, Mr. Liu's art and cannot leave the Ma Xun cultivating of custom oil painting students from the class. Maxi merv influence Chinese oil painting creation, half a century affect a nation's history, both at home and abroad are rare

and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring 

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