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Oil painting is still a western cultural life,an important part of daily consumption of art
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Oil painting is still a western cultural life,an important part of daily consumption of art

But it is not a question of focus. Eat, wear, use it, oil painting but don't take it as one of the latest development of science and technology content to talk about, is this meaning?
Jin: it is. Because you know it's museum, especially abundant ancient museum, see a lot of people. In the west there are many people who paint products, there are some good representational painting masters. Sculpture is the situation, I now understand that, from the western painting to sculpture are abstract, and abstract, a group is a culture, a master of traditional culture, they are clear in their country,wholesale oil painting academia is clear, but we don't know, what we only know the most avant-garde, installation art, also know some classical stuff. But they still have a batch of contemporary master of painting and sculptors.
Yin: on the back of the German painter parr, geim gallery exhibitions in China, Germany, home to highly of him.
Jin: morandi thinks highly of him in Italy, but we don't know, because he is not a focus of attention of the world's most focus on the concept of art, in "the Venice biennale", "kassel documenta". This is two different things, but as a landscape oil painting Chinese, for education, attention to China's social needs, a large number of useful things, education must serve the whole society.
Yin: in fact, in a sense, any era of innovation,wedding portrait invention, halfback, itself is not taught.
Jin: the master is not taught, is a person grow under certain social condition, is also a kind of inevitable result of development, education is summarizing predecessors' experience, but it must adapt to the development of the society, such as we are now in school adjustment, is according to the development

trend of the social demand for talents do adjustment, change the disciplines and specialties.
Yin: that is to say, what do you think of Chinese oil painting in the early 21st century there will be considerable development.
Jin: there are two reasons. One is the Chinese society, the people of the oil painting that is like, this is one reason why, this is the foundation. In addition, the development of Chinese society itself has changed a lot, very fast, how can the oil painting reflects contemporary society it is a very new topic. As a result, China's oil painting, there are many problems worth thinking about, there is no previous experience to follow this, must be conducted on the basis of observation and feelings of social creation would appear to reflect the new painting appearance of contemporary society, the new form, there are a lot of room, and the society is totally different from the 50 s, the oil painting to reflect the contemporary society of contemporary thought emotion, in what form, what a kind of spirit, mood, to reflect, it requires the creation of modern people. So it's room is very big still.
Yin: in addition to this creative and contemporary social close relationship, as for oil painting, Chinese painting, relative to the entire history of oil painting and painting type, we can't say to learn completely, this process is not over yet.
Jin: there is no end, we compared to the oil painting and western oil painting still has a lot of weaknesses.
Yin: the somebody else graduated from college, we still in high school?
Jin: yes, it is. This is another problem, it is very important to me that, regards oil painting's own unique expressive force, many people do not attach importance to this point, it doesn't matter. Because how to draw, paint good bad nothing much to do for the society, as long as they can survive, isn't it? Someone would like to pursue, I think is very good.
Yin: this is the difference between fast food and culinary arts. Here has two attitudes to oil painting, oil painting has been interpreted by some as tools, oil paints, propylene are all the same, just a medium, and use it to draw a picture, express the meaning of the individual. You use oil painting as a kind of culture, to improve, to study its nature, want to eat out of taste.
Jin: eat well, should pay attention to, this is where the culture, each have each demand

I think this is what should I do, it's oil painting good." "They will give you the corresponding compensation?" "No, don't oil painting need to!



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