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The second while Chinese landscape oil painting exhibition held in landscape
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The second while Chinese landscape oil painting exhibition held in landscape
By the Chinese academy of oil painting, Chinese portrait painting research institute, Li Keran foundation co-sponsored "nature and man - the second contemporary China landscape painting, landscape oil painting exhibition" will be on July 12, 2005 at 2 PM in China art museum in Beijing began. 
The exhibition is the 1998 "the first contemporary Chinese landscape painting, landscape exhibition" held after the second session of exhibition. For seven years, oil painting reproductions after the organizers' hard work and the co-organizer evergreen real estate group, shandong 9 palace pavilion cultural relic shop's strong support and active participation of the artists. After exhibition writer of strict selection, the exhibition displays over 349 works all over the country, 295 artists.wholesale oil painting Award-winning works, a total of 59 PCS, art prize canvas 9, 10 pieces of traditional Chinese painting, for 20 pieces of each. On display basic objective embodies the overall level of contemporary Chinese landscape painting and oil painting landscape painting. 
The exhibition of "nature and man" as the main body,custom oil painting reflecting the artist of the contemporary human "nature and man" major subject deeply care, concern and thinking, shows the artist in the face of the different perspectives of nature and the creation of artistic achievement, in the contemporary cultural background, the promotion of Chinese handmade oil painting and western painting spiritual and ideological content, highlight the perfection of art originality, artistic language and aesthetic value of the Oriental art.
 Hold such thematic exhibition of academic research value, from the Angle of compare eastern and western art, the research of Chinese landscape painting and oil painting scenery different creative features, search for the correspondency of communicate with each other to learn from fusion, to promote the development of contemporary Chinese painting and oil painting has a positive and far-reaching historical significance, will also to compose a new chapter of Chinese art history. (the net) 
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