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Landscape painting are Paris grand mercure collection outlook favored by collectors
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Landscape painting are Paris grand mercure collection outlook favored by collectors

In 2012, sotheby's Hong Kong art oil painting space has launched "koro to monet in the 19th century to the 20th century French landscape oil painting" theme exhibition. In 2013, Ms. Lagarde also introduced a oil painting scenery of portrait painting online auction, online art melting in the spring of 2013 in Beijing try introduced French landscape painting works of the auction.
It is understood that in recent years, academic oil painting reproductions painting artists represented by realistic painting, their works in the market hold collector performance never disappointed. Although nearly two years of adjustment and consolidation of the art market has entered a period, but the development of the modern oil painting market will be better and better, instead, adjust led works of art back wholesale oil painting to the history of orientation, the value and market price presents a more reasonable state. Some say scenery oil painting, appreciate "bar" is much lower than other art handmade oil painting categories, it is based on a more natural paints, don't need too much art history background can understand; Others said, it's not contemporary art buildings and exaggerated,custom oil painting there is no any mark symbolic and political pop, plain and true can be placed in any era to appreciate can also be integrated into any space environment; Others say cheap oil painting that the scenery oil painting generally has few "blockbuster", the creative process is relatively short, prices will not exaggerate to make collectors are difficult to "drive". At the same time, it is the same as other oil painting works of art, the work of process complex, a fake number is few, is a collection of good choice.
Indeed, ART funds from PARIS grand mercure MATZO (PARIS ART FUND) paintings can be seen in the landscape painting has all the advantages, such as: Denmark, Marine artists liam MaiErBei, the lagoon of Venice, the work shows the seascape, coast, harbour, sailing, and the European theme in many parts of the terrain. In image, reflected sailing on the sea, calm sea surface ripples, gradient, irregular blue sky floating clouds... Every detail of the exquisite exquisite drawing show the painter, the whole picture clear, quiet like be camera down real, but do not break the painter to give the soul of the works; The famous northern European painters Jacob souter "town tower fan" depicts the town in Sicily tower fan that a was founded in the 3rd century BC Greek theatre, embodies the idyllic Italy. Scene, magnificent grand theatre in the ruins, a shepherd with his sheep pause here. Theatre has been FIG, palm trees, and many Mediterranean shrub encroachment by India, it is very good to interpret the intention of this picture, that's will be the last big compared with the shepherd, the highlight can increase the grand. But the ruins of the classic immersed in a poetic sentiment in the background of a fitting catering to the tastes of the strong swim time Italy many tourists...
PARIS grand mercure ART FUND (MATZO PARIS ART FUND) many scenery oil painting, above is just the two of them, but it represents the collectors purchase motives: first of all, for the higher education, received a good have a high income, its aesthetic tendency in the west, and home decoration style is great for collectors of Europe type style, landscape oil painting can meet they appreciate or share appreciation evaluate oil painting on the spirit of enjoyment and pleasure. Next, the scenery oil painting in the content theme is close to the life, meet the requirements of the mass aesthetic, if the creator and has a certain reputation for work is the icing on the cake, if it is held for a long time, the oil painting artist's institute of art value, the academic value and profound education background of additional, more let landscape painting prospect is bright. 

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